About Andrew

I'm a recent graduate in Computer Science with Business Management from the University of Birmingham and am now working in software development for Autonomy.

I achieved a First Class BSc with Honours in my degree with exceptional marks throughout the three year course, consistently averaging around 80%. As a result of this, I won the School of Computer Science award for Top Student on my degree course for three years running.

Prior to university, I had a keen interest in web development and have continued this ever since. My skills in the industry are wide ranging but include W3C standards compliant HTML and CSS, JavaScript and JQuery along with backend development in PHP and MySQL.

Prior to working at Autonomy, I worked for Toucan Internet LLP as a Web and Systems Developer. In this role I expanded my knowledge of web development, as well as gaining experience of LAN support, implimenting and monitoring backup policies, Linux server administration and PC configuration & troubleshooting.

Aside from web development, I also have experience in developing desktop based applications, primarily in Java. The biggest of these personal projects was my final year software development project to build a multiplayer Blackjack game - see the project page for more information.

Away from the academic and work environments, I have a passion for driving as a skill, and am proud to have completed my IAM Skill For Life course with the support of the EHWE IAM group.

Other interests include playing badminton, cycling, skiing and a huge interest in the latest gadgets and technology!